From: Doug Ewell (
Date: Sat May 04 2002 - 00:34:07 EDT

Michael Everson <>, like, wrote:

> Goodness, I've just been the 10,001st visitor to my site since 21
> September 2001. As I suspect much of the traffic I attract is from
> you good people, I thought it would be nice to say thanks.

I'm probably responsible for about 30% of that traffic. I poll his site
at least once a day, looking for new and fascinating WG2 papers or
checking to see if my proposed correction to the Kinya registration in
ConScript has been made.

Michael doesn't always announce when he posts something new. It was on
one of those regular "polling" visits that I found out that my own
ConScript proposal had been posted.

> Unicode relevance: Um, hm. Well, go look at a roadmap or something.

Ironically, the one thing you can now get directly from the Unicode site
without going through Michael's.

Nevertheless, in a sometimes low-content world, is
deserving of many more tens of thousands of hits.

-Doug Ewell
 Fullerton, California

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