To submit or not to submit

From: Bustamam Harun (
Date: Tue May 07 2002 - 19:21:19 EDT

In Malaysia we have a popular script (Jawi) which resembles the Arabic script, except for a
missing character. I've read the document on on procedure of how to submit new
characters to the Unicode Standard.

The missing character is called "ga" (attached). It looks like Kaf (06A9) with a dot on top. I
have 2 options:
1) submit the glyph to Unicode as a new codepoint. This in turn means that it has to have 4
different form: begin, middle, end, single.
2) Use existing glyphs in the form of sequence of characters. The one I can think of is Kaf +

A few existing software already use the second option, but after seeing a lot of duplicate glyphs
represented in both forms (1 and 2 above), I think I should submit this glyph so the character is
not dependent on the other glyph (06e0) for correct placement of the dot.

Any comments? I am hoping that someone who have previous experience submitting new characters to
Unicode can help me with this process.


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