Some Private Use Area code points for ligatures.

From: William Overington (
Date: Sat May 25 2002 - 04:19:10 EDT

Unicode at present has some ligature characters and also a long s on its own
and the German Eszett character.

The long s on its own is encoded in Unicode as U+017F and the Eszett as

Unicode currently has the ligatures ff, fi, fl, ffi, ffl, long s t and st at
U+FB00 through to U+FB06.

There is presently a policy of not adding any further ligature characters to
regular Unicode.

However, as there are some situations where a set of such ligature
characters would be useful, here are some Private Use Area code points for
ligatures, provided in the hope of being helpful to end users of the Unicode
system who might like to have a list of code points for such ligatures.

This list, the code points being entirely the choice of the present author,
is published by the present author. The code points chosen are only as
consistent amongst end users as end users choose to make them. These code
points are not a "standard". They are simply provided on the basis that a
list is better than no list, in that the existence of a list will hopefully
encourage interest in these ligature characters as part of our typographic
heritage and hopefully help in any efforts to computerise ligature
characters being as portable as possible.

The list is intended to include sufficient ligatures for German Fraktur and
18th Century English printing.

U+E707 ct
U+E708 ch
U+E709 ck
U+E70A fh
U+E70B fj
U+E70C ft
U+E70D ll
U+E70E tt
U+E70F tz

U+E750 long sb
U+E751 long sch
U+E752 long sh
U+E753 long si
U+E754 long sk
U+E755 long sl
U+E756 long s long s
U+E757 long s long s i
U+E758 long s long s l

William Overington

25 May 2002

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