Re: Need help on scanning handwritten documents

From: Michael Everson (
Date: Mon May 27 2002 - 13:06:23 EDT

If anyone can help Louis, please write to him directly.

At 12:11 -0400 2002-05-27, Louis Berger <> wrote:

>Please help me out in my search for a technology solution.
>A friend of mine has multiple documents that he has written, and now
>wants to scan them in to a computer, and then he ultimately wants
>the them to be converted into text files, thru some software that
>would recognize and determine the characters of the writer's goal.
>But there is a twist... All the documents are in Hebrew... Need I
>say more? I've been searching relentlessly on the net over the past
>few weeks for a company that would provide me with the software
>solution with the international support that would recognize and
>convert Hebrew handwriting.
>Should you have any available help to offer in this matter, or even
>if you happen to know of a person or company that may possibly be
>able to help me, I would be very thankful to you for providing me
>Louis Berger

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