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Date: Sat Jun 01 2002 - 14:50:56 EDT

At 13:50 +0100 2002-06-01, William Overington wrote:

> > Nice one, Doug. Unfortunately, on my system, that collides with the
>ConScript version of Shavian which I have installed, so I got something
>Yet ConScript has now withdrawn that allocation and now uses that code point
>for Ewellic.
>What is interesting is as to how Doug produced that effect. How was it done

Doug applied for Ewellic and John and I, who verily are the Lords of
the ConScript Registry, assigned it an allocation.

Please note that ConScript is for fun. It is for play. It is not to
be taken seriously. It is an experiment to see whether people
interested in some of those scripts will agree to use PUA to exchange
data. Interestingly, some folks have for Shavian. No one seems to for

Of course Shavian implementations should be upgrading to Unicode
encoding now. :-)

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