Re: The golden ligatures collection.

From: William Overington (
Date: Mon Jun 03 2002 - 03:03:41 EDT

>Just on a side note, where does the name "Golden Ligatures" originate
> Philipp

I wanted to devise a name for the collection of code points and ligature
pairings, partly so that it could be referred to easily in discussions and
reference lists and documentation of founts and also because I like to think
of the collection as itself as a work of art, and works of art usually have
a title.

The choice of the name "golden ligatures collection" arose as a confluence
of two lines of thought.

I have recently been learning to use the Blade Pro plug-in, details at the website, in conjunction with the Paint Shop Pro
computer art package to produce graphics. There is an elegant graphic of a
golden ampersand character in the instruction booklet. I thought that some
golden ligature characters would look good as display graphics.

The word golden has also a connotation of classic and well thought of, as in
the world of songs, for example there was a television series on the German
television channel Sat-1 some years ago which had the title of something
like "Die goldene Hitparade der Volksmusik", though I may not have
remembered the title exactly, which had classic German volksmusik songs from
years ago. So, golden ligatures as a reference to the ligatures being from
days gone by and thought of with affection seemed appropriate.

So, hopefully the name for the collection of code points and ligature
pairings is both functional and stylish, easily memorable and suitable for
being included in a list of features in the documentation of a fount.

William Overington

3 June 2002

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