RE: Thai character names

From: Marco Cimarosti (
Date: Mon Jun 03 2002 - 13:07:11 EDT

Chookij Vanatham wrote:
> ] I wonder what the `ko' and `kho' parts actually mean, since
> the `kai',
> ] `khai', etc. final parts already define an unambiguous name for the
> ] particular character.
> ]
> ] How do Thai people alphabetize a word? Do they say `ko kai', `kho
> ] khai', ... or do they say `kai', `khai', ...?
> We do say 'ko kai', 'kho khai' , .... since the 1st day we learn Thai
> language in school.... ;)

I understand that the second word refers to the picture for that letter in a
children pictorial book called Ko-Khai (or Gor Gai? -- Is it true that this
book is standard in all Thailand low schools?

BTW, it seems quite an efficient method: my three-years old child received a
Ko-Khai from a friend, and he now recognizes Thai script when he sees it
("That's the letters from the chicken book.").

_ Marco

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