Re: Fixed position combining classes (Was: Combining class for Thai characters)

Date: Tue Jun 04 2002 - 09:55:20 EDT

On 06/04/2002 05:13:09 AM Peter_Constable wrote:

>I understand. I'm not arguing at this point that the combining classes
>should be changed (though I would were it a possibility) -- if you look at
>my earlier post in this thread, you'll see that I explained to Khun
>that this is not a possibility.

I will add, though, that this is impossible due only to a principle, and
not because there would be any real problems with existing data being
invalidated. We all know for a fact that there are not yet any existing
implementations of Khmer, hence no existing data to be affected by any
change in normalisation. I strongly believe that the same is true of
Myanmar. And while there are implementations of Thai and may well be for
Lao, the combinations affected by the combining class issue I mentioned
would only occur in less common languages, and the only people with such
data (if there is any such data in Unicode -- I very much suspect it still
exists only in custom encodings) would probably prefer (because their needs
would be better served) to have the combining classes changed.

Not that I expect that to change the corporate mind of UTC, since it's not
good enough just to limit changes to anything that doesn't affect any
actual normalised data; rather, the good purple book doth say, "Thou shalt
avoid even the appearance of normalised-data-breaking evil."

- Peter

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