alternate designs for U+028B

Date: Tue Jun 04 2002 - 18:17:19 EDT

I have seen two different typeforms used for U+028B: the one used in the
charts has a slanted stroke on the left with an sharp corner at the bottom
(let's call this the hook-v shape), and the other has a vertical stroke on
the left with a rounded transition into the righthand stroke at the bottom
(let's call this the hook-u shape). (Note: I am not aware of corresponding
alternates in the upper case equivalent, U+01B2; for that, I'm only aware
of a large counterpart to the hook-u shape, i.e. what is shown in the
published Unicode charts).

Does anyone have any info on the distribution in usage of these two? I'm
aware of the hook-u shape being used in some parts of West Africa; does
anyone know if the hook-v shape is also used in Africa, or know that it is
in fact used anywhere else?

- Peter

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