How Can I insert Unicode Characters thru SQL*Plus

From: Sreedhar.M (
Date: Fri Jun 07 2002 - 10:19:36 EDT

I'm working on Internationalization.
My System Configuration:

Operating System : Windows2000 Professional
Database: Oracle 9i
Font : Arial Unicode MS ( suitable font for my language for display)

I tried so much to directly insert Unicode Characters(Telugu [INDIA] Language Characters copied from UNIEDIT Software to the SQL* Plus editor) into Oracle 9i database through SQL*Plus editor. But all the time I was not succeeded.Please tell me what is the process to insert directly these Unicode characters(Additional Configuraions to do?????)
I just created a tablespace with the following commands through my SQL*Plus.

1.create tablespace MyTablespace datafile 'e:\Datafiles\MyDatafile.dbf' size 10m autoextend on maxsize unlimited;
2.create user foo identified by foo default tablespace MyTablespace;
3.grant resource,connect to foo;

Then I created a table with the follwing command

1) create table MyTable(str nchar(200));
2) insert into MyTable values('ఆమల'); // This is my own language word

But the result is "ORA-12704: character set mismatch"

                            Please tell me how to proceed for insertion in detail.
                               "This is very Urgent for my project"

            Thanks in Advance and Thanks a Lot for reading this huge mail with so much patience.

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