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Date: Sun Jun 09 2002 - 10:59:14 EDT

Hi Stefan,

Let's start with the easy one: Windows 2000 allows you to install any of the keyboards that you might need without a download. The Internet Explorer download you got earlier isn't necessary.

To install additional keyboards, open the "Regional Options" control panel and click on the last tab ("Input Locales") and add your keyboards there. While you're installing the Japanese IME you might want to install the Traditional Chinese "Unicode" keyboard, which lets you type any (UTF-16) code point value in as a hex sequence.

To solve some of your square box problems I would suggest that you get ahold of Microsoft's "Multilingual User Interface" package (MUI). I'm not sure of the licensing details of MUI--> I get mine in my copy of MSDN. This will allow you to set the locale of your machine to Japanese while keeping the menus in English (or some other language). This mail was composed on such a machine.

The problem this will solve is the black square problem, since it installs the necessary system font.

For programs that are not internationalized and display bad text, this may "solve" your problems also, since your default windows code page will switch to 932 when you do this. However, you might regard programs that display ??? and mojibake text as "broken" and gently remind the manufacturer of the defects ;-).

Good luck,


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> Hi!
> I have the English edition of Windows 2000 Professional, and I'd
> like to run
> some Japanese programs. Some programs, e.g. Internet Explorer and MS Word,
> work properly, while other display square boxes, question marks
> and/or text
> misinterpreted as Windows-1252.
> So: how shall I solve the above problems?
> And: how shall I do to type Japanese characters? IME for Japanese
> (
> doesn't work: I get a message telling me that it doesn't work with this
> version of Windows.
> Thanks!
> Stefan Persson
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