Re: Software for fonts

Date: Mon Jun 10 2002 - 08:58:57 EDT

On 06/09/2002 01:17:58 PM mrasool wrote:

>Is there any font making software that can create fonts that take up shape
>to two or more Unicode code points ?
>In short i want a program that can create fonts with one keyboard
>representing two or more code points.
>Can such characters be displayed as such by an OS that supports Unicode or
>special API is needed?

It sounds like you're asking for two things: (1) a keyboard input method in
which one keystroke enters two characters, and (2) a font rendering system
that maps two characters into a single glyph. Is that correct? Perhaps if
you mentioned exactly what characters you're talking about, we could give
you a more informative answer.

Also, nobody can comment on OS support unless you tell us what OS you're
interested in.

- Peter

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