icu unicode convertors

From: Manju Bansal, Noida (
Date: Mon Jun 17 2002 - 00:14:52 EDT

Hi unicode world,

I have a problem internationalizing my code.
I am using 'C' language, icu library and the platform is windows NT. At some
point i need to convert my unicode (UCHAR *)string (which i have got using
the icu resource bundle) to system's native encoding so that it can be
displayed in the platform's language.

Using u_austrcpy() is not giving the output in the native encoding, I have
to reload my output file into the systems native codepage. Now i tried using
the unicode converters directly, but i m not able to open a unicode
convertor as ucnv_open() fails saying U_FILE_ACCESS_ERROR for all of the
encodings, be it ASCII, UTF8 or cp1252, NULL etc..

The same call for ucnv_open is running over linux though.

What kud be the possible prob and the solution.

Looking forward to your valuable inputs,

Warm regards,

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