RE: What are the default CJK encodings for Windows?

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Date: Wed Jun 19 2002 - 16:46:31 EDT

And at there is a
table much like the one from Nadine Kano's book, with even more info.

- rick

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Actually, the GlobalDev website itself (rather than the book) has a pretty
clear reference to this:

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There's a table at
asp> showing the default code page for each locale. I don't know why
asp> this
information isn't presented in such a clear manner in the MSDN Library. (Or,
if it is, why it's so hard to find!)

- rick

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I am trying to understand CJK encodings, on which I am definitely not an

If someone using a Japanese version of Windows types some Japanese text in
Notepad (with or without HTML markup) and saves it, what encoding will be

Similarly, what would be the default encoding for Simplified Chinese,
Traditional Chinese and Korean versions of Windows?

I have tried searching the Web with Google, and searching Microsoft's site,
but I cannot find this information. Please can anyone tell me the answer,
or tell me where to look?

Thank you

Alan Wood
Documentation Writer / Web Master
Context Limited ( (Unicode, special characters, pesticide names)

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