Re: Ethiopic chromatic fonts (Was: Chess symbols, ZWJ, Opentype and holly type ornaments.)

From: John Hudson (
Date: Thu Jun 20 2002 - 17:09:45 EDT

At 13:13 6/20/2002, wrote:

>If by "the options" you mean "what kind of mechanism would it take?", then
>it would amount to a substitution rule along the lines (using some pseudo
>notation) of
> gU1368 > gU1368_a [colour = red] gU1368_b [colour = black]
> gU1368 > gU1368_a [colour = alt] gU1368_b [colour = default]

Yes, that is the sort of thing I meant by 'options', but also more
generally what are the different approaches that one might take to the
problem? Creating a font mechanism that specifies chromatic variation is
one approach, but as you note the likelihood of getting this implemented
are very slim.

I know of at least one other option, but I'm under NDA :)

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