Re: Chess symbols, ZWJ, Opentype and holly type ornaments.

From: Michael Everson (
Date: Fri Jun 21 2002 - 16:33:36 EDT

At 14:35 -0500 2002-06-21, wrote:
> >In fairness we should note that formal existing proposals seldom
>>mention input method. Code points need to be assigned before
>>input methods can be made.
>But that's only true when there's no question of how those characters
>were already being input into Unicode. Anything that's already being
>used with Unicode - CYRILLIC (LATIN) SMALL LETTER Q, a new apostrophe-
>like character - bring worries about how you're going to get people to
>stop hitting the <'> key or the <q> key and get them to use a new key.

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