Re: Moving goalposts, estoppel and antitrust law. (derives from Re: Chess symbols, ZWJ, Opentype and holly type ornaments.)

From: Eric Muller (
Date: Fri Jun 21 2002 - 18:22:54 EDT

Kenneth Whistler wrote:

>By the way, that is in a discussion of the Corporate Use subarea and
>was aimed at the kind of users which you are not.
I always wondered if the UTC and the Unicode community still believed in
this corporate vs. end-user distinction. In most of the things I do, I
use systems that are provided by more than one vendor. Just for this
email, I am using a combination of Windows 2000, Netscape and some input
method, so we are four players here. That makes the two players model
pretty useless: no matter how you split four in two, there is a boat
with at least two guys and they can step on each other's toes.

Some good news: I recently had more encounters with the PUA, and I am
now totally cured. I pretty much decided that it was way too much
trouble to use the PUA, and that I would refuse to use a PUA character
in any of my documents. Life is too short.


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