ALT Codes for Accession Countries

From: Toor, Indie (
Date: Mon Jun 24 2002 - 13:39:11 EDT


At the ECB we use Windows NT 4 Workstation. We have a Translation department
that wishes the use of the special characters for the countries mentioned

* Bulgarian
* Czech
* Estonian
* Hungarian
* Lithuanian
* Latvian
* Maltese
* Polish
* Romanian
* Slovak
* Slovene (Slovenian)
* Turkish

Is there a way I can configure NT 4 Workstation to allow the use of the
special ALT Codes for the above.

Not sure if I need to install any additional software or just a matter of
downloading additional ALT Codes and configuring the Registry.


> Indie Toor
> NT Desktop Support
> DG Information Systems
> * +44 7092 258154
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