Re: [OT] Again about "Burma" and "Myanmar"

From: Arthit Suriyawongkul (
Date: Wed Jun 26 2002 - 05:15:47 EDT


sorry that i can't answer your question,
but just for your information.

Thai people call Burma/Myanmar people/country as "Pha-ma"
(short "Pha", long "ma").

this supports the saying that
""Burma" would be a phonetic transcription".
(Ph sound, in Thai, is closer to B than M)


Marco Cimarosti wrote:
> Time ago, someone said that "Burma" and "Myanmar" are just different
> romanization of the same Burmese word.
> Particularly, "Burma" would be a phonetic transcription based on the English
> spelling, while "Myanmar" would be letter-by-letter transliteration of the
> Burmese spelling.
> Can someone confirm or deny this? Can someone show me the word in original
> writing and a faithful (e.g. IPA) transcription of its sound?
> Is it normal that Burmese "my-" sounds "b"?
> Thanks in advance.
> _ Marco

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