UniCharacter (Re: Codes for codes for codes for... (RE: Chromatic font research))

From: Tex Texin (tex@i18nguy.com)
Date: Thu Jun 27 2002 - 12:45:24 EDT

Interestingly, once you have chromatic capabilities, you can encode
Braille as a single character with all dots, and apply coloring, to each
dot as needed, of the background color to eliminate dots, and foreground
color(s) to present them, to make all 256 combinations.

For that matter, you can encode worst-case-composed characters (a base
letter plus all possible combining characters) as single characters and
then apply background/foreground coloring to eliminate the marks you
don't want, even reducing to just the base character.

Hmm. Actually you can include all the possible base characters into one
character as well, and only color the one you want.

Lends a whole new meaning to unification! The single character encoding,
UniCharacter!. Just color what you need.

OK, who's with me in forming a consortium! I gotta call Crayola.


Doug Ewell wrote:
> Marco Cimarosti <marco dot cimarosti at essetre dot it> wrote:
> > But such a thing actually has a precedent: the Braille block. But
> > this had a (faint!) justification: those Braille patterns are not
> > used to "encode Braille in Unicode", but rather to encode commands
> > to be sent to Braille printers ("embossers", actually).

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