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From: Tex Texin (
Date: Thu Jun 27 2002 - 14:38:16 EDT

Good point about resolution.

I just realized an even bigger problem- steganography.
Embedding data in pictures. By changing the colors associated with a
character string, someone could spell out a completely different
My "Hello world" could be changed to "Bite me". It might not even be
intentional, could be just a bad color gun in a monitor.

Although, it would certainly be an aid to translation, (one set of
message strings fits all!) there is too much of a security risk.
Never mind.

(Maybe the heat is getting to me.)
Rick McGowan wrote:
> Tex wrote:
> > Lends a whole new meaning to unification! The single character encoding,
> > UniCharacter!. Just color what you need.
> Yeah! I like Tex's suggestion. It would eliminate all kinds of problems.
> We wouldn't have to worry about encoding anything ever again, because users
> would have all the tools they need to express whatever they wanted just by
> coloring in the bits! And nobody would have any problems decoding it!
> The only question that remains is, "how much resolution is enough"? I
> think if we have 512x512 bytes for 256x256 resolution at 16-bits/pixel for
> color, that ought to be enough resolution to satisfy anyone. So each
> character would only require 2,097,152 bits. With all the fancy compression
> schemes we could cook up, that shouldn't pose any difficulty at all. And
> it really ought to appeal to the RAM manufacturers...
> Speaking of compression schemes, we could pick a space of say 32 bits and
> allow people to register the characters they like by NUMBER (!), and we
> could keep a whole technical committee engrossed for decades in deciding
> which proposed pictures were really the same and thus have "already been
> registered", and numbering things, then we could transmit information
> compactly by using the catalog numbers instead of the pictures. That might
> be helpful to users, I'm not sure...
> Rick

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