Re: Private Use Group

From: William Overington (
Date: Sat Jun 29 2002 - 05:50:52 EDT

Yes, a separate list for discussing uses of the Private Use Area would be a
good idea.

I think a good first step would be to enquire of Sarasvati as to whether she
would kindly agree to starting a Unicode Private Use Area list to which
interested people could post to and to which list
each person on this present list, and any newcomers, could subscribe if and
only if he or she chooses to receive emails from such a Unicode Private Use
Area list.

Such a list would have the following advantages.

1. It would be a place where people interested in using the Private Use
Area could discuss such matters confident that they were not offending
anyone else by taking up bandwidth for such discussions.

2. Users of this present list would not receive posts about using the
Private Use Area unless they explicitly chose to receive them.

3. There would be an archive accessible from the
website, giving an opportunity to search for topics and to provide proof of
academic precedence in putting forward ideas.

4. The list would be under the wing of the Unicode Consortium.

5. Intellectual property rights in any posting would not be being assigned
to anyone.

I am sending this post both directly to Sarasvati and to the list, so
hopefully, a reply to the list will soon bring news of whether this
instantiation of an additional list can proceed or indeed news that it has
already happened, together with details of how a reader may subscribe should
he or she choose to do so.

William Overington

29 June 2002

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