Re: (long) Re: Chromatic font research

From: John H. Jenkins (
Date: Sat Jun 29 2002 - 21:27:45 EDT

On Saturday, June 29, 2002, at 06:41 AM, James Kass wrote:

> This is a display issue rather than an encoding one. Unicode already
> provides for the correct encoding of the "ct" ligature with the
> ZWJ "character". Anyone wishing to correctly display the "ct"
> ligature might need to use a "work-around". Substituting PUA code
> points by private agreement is one workable method.

I must point out that for English (and a lot of other languages), the use
of ZWJ to control ligation is considered improper. The ZWJ technique for
requesting ligatures is intended to be limited to cases where the word is
spelled incorrectly if *not* ligated (and similarly ZWNJ is intended to
prevent ligature formation where that would make the word spelled
incorrectly). The kind and degree of ligation in English is generally
considered a sylistic issue and is best left to higher-level protocols.
Thus saith Unicode 3.2.

John H. Jenkins

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