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Date: Mon Jul 01 2002 - 12:21:13 EDT

Did this tiurn all the non Latin text into bitmap? Using the text selet tool on my NT system I cannot select any non Latin text. Also a not very sceintific search for Han characters failed.

This question is pertinent to one asked me the other day for which I did not have an answer. Is the code set of an original document relevant for PDF - say EUC, SJIS, PDF - will the output perform text searches correctly for differing code set inputs?


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> Hi,
> Thanks to everyone that replied.
> As an initial trial I made a PDF of the Compelling Unicode
> example page.
> I made it by reading the html page with Word, tweaking the text and
> layout and printing to a postscript file.
> Then I converted to pdf with gsview/ghostscript.
> I played with a few of the settings to improve the quality. I am still
> not happy with some of the languages. The entry for Republic of China
> seems particularly bad. I used the settings for embedding fonts, but I
> suspect it is not embedding all of them. The output is similar to but
> not nearly as good as the Word output.
> If you want to have a look the file is at:
> Suggestions for improving the fonts or resolution would be greatly
> appreciated.
> The reason I wanted to make a pdf of this page is that
> apparently it has
> been useful and effective for some people promoting Unicode to
> management or customers. However, downloading fonts and playing with
> browsers is daunting for some. A PDF file would make it
> accessible to a
> wider community.
> This file might be adequate, but I think having better font drawing
> would make it more persuasive.
> I am not averse to buying Acrobat if it would do a better
> job, but I got
> the impression it wouldn't.
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