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Date: Mon Jul 01 2002 - 13:12:38 EDT

Thanks to Bob Hallisey and James Kass, the Unicode example pdf is now
much improved.
Bob noted the Code2000 font was not embeddable and with James
permission, created a new version of the pdf using Acrobat, not
GhostScript. This version at least looks like what is on my screen.

I was also asked about the original file so people can see for
themeselves. The original table is in:

Other variations can be found from the introduction page:

Marco et al,
thanks for noting the problems. The Khmer problems I knew about. The
others I hadn't.
I would be glad to get more problem reports.

However, I am not an expert in these (or for that matter any of the
other) languages and rely on
volunteers to provide examples and help me with the proofing. So if the
original contributors or anyone else can provide corrected versions that
will help. I was going to go back to the Khmer contributor for help
fixing that one.

The actual Unicode text can be extracted by viewing the source of the
In all likelihood, any problems were caused by me not the contributors,
as the files have gone thru quite a bit of editing and massaging.

To whatever extent the browsers or Word were influenced by HTML lang
settings, it could also be that some of those are incorrect. For some of
the entries I wasn't sure of the language code.

I would also accept new entries provided they demonstrate new scripts or
important features of Unicode.
I am forced to turn away adding people's favorite celebrities or other
additions that show features already represented, to keep the file of a
reasonable size and be able to demonstrate Unicode's diversity quickly,
and because additions have proven to be a costly effort.

Anyway, this new pdf is much better, give it a look-see.

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