RE: Can browsers show text? I don't think so

From: Michael Everson (
Date: Fri Jul 05 2002 - 06:22:47 EDT

Someone replied to me privately on my comment:

> >I think this thread is rather pointless.
>It sure is. I'm kind of amazed to find people maintaining that
>because OS's do not include fonts for every Unicode character out of
>the box, these OS's do not "support" X language or even Unicode,
>because "some users" will never have the savvy or industry to add a
>unicode font for X to their system. And thus the totally obvious
>answer you stated is not good enough...What a stretch to promote
>"web fonts"!
>>But modern browsers accept UTF-8 characters even
>>if the fonts aren't up to snuff.
>They still can't display characters their fonts don't have, just a
>placeholder. But as everyone says, installing fonts is trivial. No
>many little kids know perfectly well how to install the Atlantis font.

Maybe these cogent comments will help end it.

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