RE: Chromatic text. (follows from Re: [unicode] Re: FW: Inappropr iate Proposals FAQ)

From: Marco Cimarosti (
Date: Mon Jul 08 2002 - 08:44:41 EDT

William Overington wrote:
> >The problem (if there is one!) is only for font technology.
> >
> >> Ethiopian writing: [...] "The capability to the same electronically
> >> would be well received. /Daniel."
> >
> >Same for this one: Unicode's task was to provide a code point for the
> >Ethiopic full stop, and they did. Whether the corresponding glyph is
> colored
> >or not is problem for fonts and word processors.
> Well, may I please suggest that the issue is one for Unicode
> as well as for font technology?
> [...]

Of course you can. But my feeling is that you already *did* suggest this,
many and many times.

I interpret your post as one more lengthy repetition of your well-known
opinion: differences between "plain text" and "rich text" should not exist:
they should be eliminated by incorporating the mark-up in the encoding.

I think that it is your right to repeat your opinions as many times as you
want. Nevertheless, I find that repeating opinions which are already
well-known to everybody is *useless* and *boring*.

_ Marco

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