Re: Multiple encodings for 1 character

From: Kenneth Whistler (
Date: Mon Jul 08 2002 - 17:16:14 EDT

Theodore wrote:

> What is going to be done about the confusion generated from
> having multiple ways to encode the same character?
> For example, for filenames, OSX will encode an accented Roman
> letter one way, while for filenames Windows will encode it the
> other way. These kind of confusions are totally expected, if
> Unicode will allow more than one way to encode the same
> character.

Perhaps a stray newsfeed routed via Alpha Centauri?
This is *very* old news, indeed.

> This means that matching algorithm's won't work, because the
> characters are different!
> Will there be some kind of recommendation of which to avoid?
> Will the Unicode consortium make a standard to say that one of
> these encodings is strongly not recommended, and in fact
> depreciated?

UAX #15: Unicode Normalization Forms

And it is up to an implementation to specify which normalization
form it uses.

By the way, we don't depreciate Unicode encodings -- we appreciate
them. ;-)

> And what about the OS that uses this encoding? How will the
> Unicode consortium make the newly-offending OS change it's ways?

It isn't offending, and the Unicode Consortium won't.


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