Re: Whats the difference between a composite and a combining sequence?

From: Kenneth Whistler (
Date: Mon Jul 08 2002 - 19:42:34 EDT


> mentions both
> composites and combining sequences.
> But it doesn't tell us the difference. I know what a combining
> sequence is. If I didn't know what a composite was, I'd guess it
> was the same thing as a combining sequence.

See TUS 3.0, Chapter 3, pp. 43-44

D17 Combining character sequence: a character sequence consisting of
    either a base character followed by a sequence of one or more
    combining characters, or a sequence of one or more combining

[e.g. A + combining-grave <U+0041, U+0300>]

D18 Decomposable character: a character that is equivalent to a sequence
    of one or more other characters, according to the decomposition
    mappings found in the names list... It may also be known as a
    precomposed character or composite character.

[e.g. A-grave, U+00C0]


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