Re: There was this thing called Unicode...

From: Michael Everson (
Date: Tue Jul 09 2002 - 19:15:25 EDT

At 23:48 +0200 2002-07-09, Stefan Persson wrote:
>Why doesn't someone create a different mailing list for discussing the
>ConScript registry instead? Or a general nonsense mailing list?

We haven't spent a lot of time discussing ConScripts in general.
There certainly isn't enough business in that little venture to
justify a list in any case.

What we did do was have an interesting discussion about identifying
directionality in early documents (pseudoscript or not), about
rendering, and about some other aspects of displaying UTF-8 documents
on the web.

Discussion of those matters is not "general nonsense", thank you very
much. Thinking through those things helps me to do my job here, and,
as Doug indicated, is useful for lots of people on this list,
particularly those who are interested in scripts and their
implementation in general as opposed to other aspects of Unicode

Please separate all of this from the other PUA discussions, which
were of a wholly different cloth.

I would note that Deseret and Shavian had their day in the ConScript
registry, but didn't remain there. Tengwar and Cirth won't remain
there forever either. Phaistos? You never know....

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