Long S (was: How do I encode HTML documents in old languages ſuch as 17th century Swediſh in Unicode?)

From: Otto Stolz (Otto.Stolz@uni-konstanz.de)
Date: Wed Jul 10 2002 - 04:49:06 EDT

John H. Jenkins had written:

> Aargh! Medial long-s! Run away! Run away! :-)

Stefan Persſon wrote:
> Why ſhould I not uſe old characters that already were out-of-uſe centuries
> ago? ;-)

Juſt for the record: it's not "centuries", but half a century: "ſ" was in
uſe, on a regular baſis, in Germany, until about 55 years ago.

Even with Roman fonts, "ſ" (as oppoſed to "s") was uſed, in the 1ſt quarter
of the 20th century.

In Fraktur, the ſ-s-opposition is orthographically eſſential. Fraktur was
the ſtandard for printing German, until it was officially abandoned in 1941
-- and even beyond that decree, for years.

Beſt wiſhes,
   Ottio Stolz

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