Re: Common input methods for IPA

From: Michael Everson (
Date: Wed Jul 10 2002 - 09:32:41 EDT

At 11:45 +0200 2002-07-10, Marc Wilhelm Küster wrote:

>In this brave new world of wonderful input methods, what is the
>current state of affairs for keyboard-based input methods for
>characters from the IPA block?

Nothing standard exists, but a lot of de facto input methods are
similar, so open-e (epsilon) will be on shift-e, esh on shift-s and
so on. But they differ; some put open-o on shift-o, others on
shift-c. A number of suppliers have solutions which differ in one way
or another depending on the 8-bit font set they were supporting.

>Is there any de facto standard for this and, for that matter, for an
>IPA keyboard layout?

The world could benefit from a little coordination on this. I wonder.
There is a group, mailto://, which
was formed some time ago to discuss IPA and Unicode. I don't know how
active it is; I resubscribed yesterday. However, now might be a good
idea to talk about this, and that list is probably the best place to
do it.

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It would be good if people could forward this to some other lists
where interested people could be found.

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