Re: chcp 10000 (was: Filesystems)

From: Markus Scherer (
Date: Thu Jul 11 2002 - 12:22:00 EDT

Hi Shlomi, [sending to the list]

The number 10000 in "chcp 10000" on Windows is, I assume, a "magic number".
It switches the command prompt into 16-bit-Unicode mode (=UTF-16 encoding form).

All I can say is that this works, and works at least since NT 4.
I wrote a few command-line tools for NT a few years ago using the "w" versions of main(), printf(), etc., and they worked just fine.
I think I switched the file mode of stdout to binary in those tools.


Shlomi Tal wrote:

> Hello Markus Scherer.
> You wrote: "chcp 10000" to change the command prompt code page to
> UTF-16. But as far as I recall, codepage 10000 is the Western-European
> Macintosh charset. Native Unicode is 1200, but you can't chcp to it (the
> command prompt complains of an invalid choice). The only Unicode
> codepage the command prompt supports, as far as I know, is 65001, which
> is UTF-8 (and 65000 for UTF-7). Or have I missed anything?

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