Re: Phaistos in ConScript

From: Michael Everson (
Date: Thu Jul 11 2002 - 13:56:02 EDT

At 18:56 -0700 2002-07-10, James Kass wrote:

>Point 2 concerns the obliterated glyph glyph. Quoting from the
>Everson proposal for Egyptian hieroglyphics (N1944.PDF):
>"In general, these alternate formatting characters will be required also
>for representation of other scripts, such as Maya Hieroglyphs or Runic.
>Two of these marks identified as being particularly useful in a Mayan
>context are given at U+x326 -- U+x327. U+x325, EGYPTIAN HIEROGLYPHIC
>COMBINING CHARACTER SHADING shades not part of a broken quadrant
>per se, but a single damaged character in a cluster."
>While such a character need not be included in every paleographic
>script range, a unified character for this purpose would be useful.
>Just because mark-up has been suggested for this doesn't mean it's
>carved in stone yet.

No, but I'm not really willing to sneak it into ConScript if it goes
against what's been agreed. ConScript hasn't got anything in it that
doesn't follow the usual rules of how we use characters in writing

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