Converting Pages to Unicode

From: Avarangal (
Date: Sat Jul 13 2002 - 11:40:43 EDT

Forwarding a question on converting to Unicode.

..... Now I have a Question:

 As we can see, each web-site has different encoding
and font. But I need to convert all encoding into
Unicode and display the content in IE, by just
specifying the encoding, which is unicode ..........
So for my research, i need to convert all the files
in all these web-sites into a single unicode-encoding.

Additional Questions:
When i wen through the web-sites i found something
like "x-user-defined". Can this user-defined be Unicode and 8bit?

One more silly doubt.. is UTF-8 same as unicode, and can everything (8bit) be converted to
UTF-8 (if it was easier).

....... then please suggest a method to convert all diff pages from diff
web-sites into a single encoding and read it using a
single font.

 Thanks a lot,

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