Re: Is UniCode's Thai character representation is acceptable by TISI or not?

From: Samphan Raruenrom (
Date: Tue Jul 16 2002 - 01:06:49 EDT

Sreedhar M wrote:
> Thank U for Your kind response.Please let me know whether
> Unicode's Thai character represation is acceptable by TISI or not? It is
> very essential to our project.

Yes. TISI had taken part in the representation of Thai char. in ISO 10646
(and Unicode indirectly). Unicode has backward-compatibility goal so
it takes the whole Thai block in TIS-620 to Unicode directly :-
        unicode = tis620 - 0xa0 + 0x0e00
Which is perfect and ease transition of code. We can modified our code
just a little bit to make it work on both tis-620 and unicode (see
libinthai, a Thai word-break library, as an example).

However, there're still some problems which is beyond assignments of code
points, that's char. properties. There're some mistakes in Unicode char.
properties for Thai char. and you have to "code around" that.

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