RE: Unicode Devanagari Font in Mozilla

From: Michael Jansson (
Date: Tue Jul 16 2002 - 08:34:03 EDT

> James Kass:
> This is a new one. Is this documented?

There is a KB (I think!?). It's easy enough to reproduce as well. Install
Latha and have a look at MS's web fonts demo site. (See John Hudson previous
mail on this list as well.)

> There are Indic fonts without Latin coverage. The solution is not
> to throw away the Uniscribe, but to throw away those Indic fonts
> which lack Latin glyphs. What the heck good would those Indic fonts
> be without Uniscribe's OpenType support? Couldn't display Indic
> right and lacking ASCII...
> (In other words, if a font is developed and licensed only for WinNT
> applications, what's it doing on a Win 9x system in the first place?)

Right. Uniscribe and certain OpenType Layout fonts are develope for Win2k
and above. They should not be installed on Win9x platforms.

> I'm running Win ME as the main system here and have a W2K system
> just for testing. I've been running the most advanced versions of
> Uniscribe on my Windows 9x platforms for years with no problem.

That's great for you. There are quite a few other versions of Win9x though.
Also, you are probably not doing too much font embedding work, right!?

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Michael Jansson

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