RE: Unicode Devanagari Font in Mozilla

From: Michael Jansson (
Date: Tue Jul 16 2002 - 10:56:54 EDT

> > Am I
> > badmouthing anyone?
> >
> Perhaps. Is it badmouthing someone to call them unethical
> for offering
> users instructions on how they can compute in their own language on
> their older systems?
> Best regards,
> James Kass.

It was not my intent to offend anyone and I do apologize if I did, as my
comments were intended as general advice. I do mean what I wrote. I would
not recommend instructing web users to update their Win9x machines with
either Uniscribe or any fonts. Such exercises are best left to system
administrators that know what they are doing, and places like "Windows
Update". Also, I would not recommend relying on that all Win9x users have
neither Uniscribe nor any particular font (or versions thereof).

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Michael Jansson

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