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hi dipali,

There are numerous changes needed to position/shape devanagari and other
Indic text. Additional changes are needed to support caret and selection
operations. And finally, it would depend on the nature of font that you
use (intelligent Vs dumb). To complicate matters furthur:

* Indic scripts do not have any standard (as in published/registered/
  recognized) font encoding that i know of.
* Indian language web-sites use mis-use charset tag "x-user-defined".

Please look at :

And let me know if you need additional info.


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>From: Dipali Choudhary
>Subject: Unicode Devanagari Font in Mozilla
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> I am newbie in the area.I am using mozilla 0.7 on Linux 7.2. I
>see devangari text in it. but there is problem of shifted matras.
>What should I need to do to correctly position it.
>Every time Mozilla is using default devanagari font for showing the
>characters. What should I do to change default font?
>Thanks in advance
> Dipali Choudhary
> M.Tech.CSE dept.
> IIT Bombay.

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