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Date: Fri Jul 19 2002 - 17:09:55 EDT

John, Marco,

What a wonderful simple solution! So I guess I wasn't the only one
trying to gain something positive from all the smoke blowing around ;-)

(ducking, hiding, going undercover, and entering the witness protection
program) So that could be used to create a green holly leaf with red
berries as well ....

Sorry, it was too tempting,
--- John Hudson <> wrote:
> [Following on from recent discussion on the Unicode list regarding
> automating the use of colour as an aspect of line layout,
> particularly for
> Ethiopic.]
> I think Marco is still on holiday but, just before he left, he and I
> devised a method to enable bi-chromatic Ethiopic punctuation by
> utilising a
> function similar to the MS Word 'Different colour for diacritics'
> function
> in combination with a new Chromatic Display <chro> OpenType Layout
> feature.
> Ideally, an application would provide a single UI function 'Ethiopic
> coloured punctuation' which would apply the <chro> feature and then
> apply
> the colouring. The <chro> layout feature is a little unusual for
> having
> both a GSUB and a GPOS component.
> The <chro> feature first applies a one-to-many substitution to split
> the
> representation of the punctuation character into two glyphs. The
> first
> glyph is base punctuation glyph (the black bit) and the second glyph
> is the
> enhancement (the red bit). The trick is that the second glyph is
> classified
> as a 'mark' in the GDEF table and is positioned relative to the base
> punctuation glyph using the <mark> GPOS feature.
> The application then applies colour to any 'mark' glyphs in the run,
> using
> the GDEF table information as a guide (this is how the coloured
> Arabic
> diacritics in Word already work).
> Any takers?
> John Hudson
> Tiro Typeworks
> Vancouver, BC
> Language must belong to the Other -- to my linguistic community
> as a whole -- before it can belong to me, so that the self comes to
> its
> unique articulation in a medium which is always at some level
> indifferent to it. - Terry Eagleton

Dave Possin
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