Re: [OpenType] Proposal: Ligatures w/ ZWJ in OpenType

From: Asmus Freytag (
Date: Fri Jul 19 2002 - 21:48:44 EDT

At 12:48 PM 7/19/02 -0700, Eric Muller wrote:
>Markus Scherer wrote:
>>Asmus taught me something about German, so I wonder how many Germans are
>>aware of the ligature rules and would (and do!) object to standard
>>ligatures being used by default.
>"Printing should be invisible" - Beatrice Warde
>(see e.g. <>)

These rules are unusually well documented in that they appear in Duden,
which really is de facto the 'users' manual' for German. For comparison, in
the German context, Duden is more widely available, and more universally
considered 'the' authority than the Chicago Manual of Style in the US.

Since (up to now) most desktop applications had no way of producing
ligatures (they are not in the popular code pages) the problem did not pose
itself. OpenType is changing that.


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