Re: Unicode mention (Urdu)

From: Martin Kochanski (
Date: Mon Jul 22 2002 - 03:12:32 EDT

At 02:07 22/07/02 +0100, Alistair Vining wrote:
>The cross-platform message somewhat dulled by the font [Urdu Naskh Asiatype] download
>being a Windows .exe file with (judging by a message that popped up) a copy of the
>uniscribe .dll...

If this is true, then are the BBC pirating Microsoft's software? And if that is the case, could Microsoft please either sue or not sue?

I'm not saying this out of perversity. The non-redistributability of Uniscribe is an enormous inconvenience to software developers like us, because either we have to do without Uniscribe or we have to force our users to install a large and irrelevant software package (such as a web browser) in order to make sure that they have it on their systems. So if the BBC has found a way to redistribute Uniscribe legally, we want to hear about it; or if Microsoft have decided to take no notice if people do distribute Uniscribe, we want to hear about that too!

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