From: Debmalya Biswas (
Date: Mon Jul 22 2002 - 07:37:14 EDT


        Before getting to the question, let me explain the scenarios first:

        Scenario 1: Need to compare strings containing Japanese/French characters entered from the command line against string stored in a SQL Server database (stored through an ASP application) as a nvarchar datatype. The application accepting the command line aguments and doing the comparison is a C++ console application.

        Scenario 2: A C++ application is posting data (string containing French/Japanese characters) to a Java Servlet. Now, the C++ application exists on both Windows and Mac.

        My question for both the scenarios is same, do I need to do anything special w.r.t Normalization while comparing the strings or the C++ (as in first scnario) and Java (second scnario) string comparison functions are capble enough to work properly.

Thanks in advance.
Debmalya Biswas

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