Re: Corporate influence on Unicode development (long)

Date: Mon Jul 22 2002 - 10:22:24 EDT

On 07/21/2002 07:30:33 PM "Doug Ewell" wrote:

>First of all, the figure that William (or any other individual) really
>should be looking at is not $12,000 for a full membership, but $600 for
>a "specialist" membership or $120 for an "individual" membership. (BTW,
>I would be interested in hearing -- perhaps off-line -- from individuals
>who hold or have held such memberships, to find out how they felt their
>memberships benefited them and Unicode.)

Only the $12000 membership makes you a candidate to vote on UTC. Associate
and Specialist memberships give you access to the "insider's" mailing list
(where real proposals get discussed) and documnts, though, which has been
very useful.

- Peter

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