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Date: Mon Jul 22 2002 - 22:23:54 EDT

For those who are interested in what is behind this message, a little

Sinnathurai Srivas is a member of INFITT's WG02 (Working Group 02, Unicode
Tamil) who has been long advocating changes to Unicode Tamil that would be
done in a "linear" manner that would remove the requirement of complex
rendering. It would of course require many changes to rendering rules and
character properties.

At this point you might wonder how it would be possible to do this without
breaking compatibility -- well, no need to wondeer, it would not be
possible. Compatibility would have to be sacrificed.

Several members of the committee pointed out that these reforms would not be
possible without invalidating existing implementations. After some
discussion, the chairman noted that he saw no way that such a proposal could
actually be accomplished.

The committee let the matter drop after this, I know am I not the only one
thought that was the end of it -- until this very post was sent out today to
at least a half dozen lists.


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> see the above for a sample of typical modern Tamil designed for mobile
> texting without rendering support.
> ============================
> A typical Product;
> Text messaging in Tamil on Mobile phones. Would they only work with my
> proposed reformed Tamil characters?
> see
> for using ancient Tamil writing logic and reforming current alphabets
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