a brife dictionary for CJK character

From: Zhang Weiwu (weiwuzhang@hotmail.com)
Date: Tue Jul 23 2002 - 03:12:22 EDT

Thank you for every nice guy helped me last time. I wasn't expecting so many help--:)

I believe there is a database in unicode.org briefly described the 'reason' of every CJK-A and CJK-B ideograph, because every character submitter must have provided basical information about the characters he submitted (the meaning of the character or the character it equals to). Is it copy-right free? I mean, can I get it and use it without pay?

The biggest dictionary software in China mainland (actually Power Word) includs a dictionary called "The Internation Standard Han Ideograph Dictionary". This dictionary seems contain explaination of every rare CJK ideograph, and it explains a character in two or three sentences (in Chinese, very brief). This dictionary is perfectly suitable for my use. It seems this dictionary has something to do with unicode.org. Does any one know something about it? I never saw this dictionary published anywhere.

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