Re: Dublin Conference: Re: ISO/IEC 10646 versus Unicode

Date: Tue Jul 23 2002 - 11:14:55 EDT

On 07/23/2002 07:14:31 AM Marion Gunn wrote:

>> leading edge Unicode implementations. I particularly enjoyed hearing
>> a British mobile phone company at the Dublin conference...
>Most enjoyable, I'm sure. May we take it that, when Unicode nest visits
>London/Berlin, people from 'Éire/Ireland', in keeping with Unicode's
>'Dublin protocol', will be offered the best of the 'UK'/'DE' seats?:-)

I don't understand why you're upset, Marion. *Everyone* is *always* offered
*equal* opportunity to get a "seat", and the "seats" are not designated for
any nationality. All one has to do is submit a proposal to present a paper.
Keynotes may be an exception, but Lisa was not referring to a keynote.

Looking at the program for the Dublin conference, I count 2 keynotes and 67
other presentations (including tutorials). The speakers represent several
nationalities: Canada, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Iran, Ireland,
Israel, Japan, Morocco, Netherlands, Sweden, UK, USA. I counted 10
presentations (not including keynotes) by people working in Ireland. That's
well over the average per nation (67 / 14 = 4.8). Ireland was second in
representation after the USA.

If we compare this with IUC 18 in Hong Kong last year: 1 presentation from
someone in Hong Kong (in addition to the keynote). (There were 2
presentations from Japan.) Did the Chinese complain that they had been
short-changed? No, they just hadn't submitted proposals to present. Did
people in Hong Kong boycott the conference, Not at all.

If we compare this with IUC 16 in Amsterdam the year before, there were (if
I counted correctly) 3 presentations (an no keynotes) by people from the
Netherlands. (And there were 2 by people from Ireland -- almost as many!)

On a quick comparison, it seems to me that the Dublin conference had a
significantly higher-than-average representation from locals, and also a
significantly higher-than-average number of presentations from people
working in countries other than the USA.

>To return to matters more important to other list members, let me say
>that I appreciate Peter Constable's attempt to reply to my badly-phrased
>query, and ask him, making due allowance for my ignorance, to tell me
>what WG32's timetable for 10646 now is.

I think I have as much access to this information as you:


If you need a more specific answer, I can't help you. I suggest you ask
Mike Ksar.

- Peter

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