Re: Unicode certification - was RE: Dublin Conference:

From: David Starner (
Date: Thu Jul 25 2002 - 02:03:38 EDT

At 11:24 AM 7/24/02 -0700, David Possin wrote:
>It would be intereting and helpful to be able to find out if a product
>is Unicode-compliant before purchasing it.

The problem is too broad to be neatly solved. It's not like compliance
to the Ada standard, where you can just write a bunch of test code for
all compilers. You'd have to adapt the tests for each program including
writing code customized for each interpreter or compiler.

And after you've done this, you know that it can round-trip arbitrary
Unicode and that it treats the characters as Unicode characters and not,
say, Latin-1 or SJIS. You don't know whether it can handle combining
characters or not, or whether or not it can handle any particular characters
beyond just not messing with them. A program could pass with debilitating
flaws for any real Unicode use, and still be Unicode complaint. Seems like a
lot of work for little gain.

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