Re: Tamil Text Messaging in Mobile Phones

From: Martin Kochanski (
Date: Fri Jul 26 2002 - 10:04:40 EDT

At 05:59 26/07/02 -0700, James Kass wrote:
>Martin Kochanski wrote,
>> As a software publisher, I would argue that the rendering and
>> behaviour of a given Unicode code point should *never* change:
>> literally never, even if the script is long dead, no-one can read
>> it, and the glyph has acquired an offensive meaning, like the
>> once innocent swastika. I want people to be still using our software
>> in 20 years' time without the need for constant updates.
>If you'd consider changing the phrase "rendering and behaviour" in
>your paragraph above to "semantics or meaning" and dropping the
>part about "constant update", I'd be pleased to stand by your side
>and help you argue.

You're quite right! I said "rendering" by accident, not really meaning it -- especially since most application programs don't do any interesting rendering anyway but leave it to the operating system, or fonts, or other components generally.

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