Re: Tamil Text Messaging in Mobile Phones

Date: Fri Jul 26 2002 - 10:35:51 EDT

On 07/26/2002 07:23:21 AM "Michael \(michka\) Kaplan" wrote:

>2) script reform is beyond the scope of both Unicode and INFITT's WG02.

I agree (at least wrt Unicode -- I don't know enough about what WG02's
mandate is).

>> This was discussed a while ago on the OpenType list. If an approach
>> were taken similar to that taken for Malayalam, which has traditional
>> and reformed orthographies, then there shouldn't be any sacrifice of
>> compatibility. With one script tag for traditional and a different
>> script tag for reformed, a Unicode-engine could apply default
>> complex rendering where it is required and only where it is required.

What this indicates is that it is technically possible for a single
encoding to support different renderings. That's a valid point. There are
still separate question as to (a) whether a script reform is viable, (b)
assuming a reformation has succeeded, whether the reformed writing should
be encoded in the same way using the same characters as the older writing,
and (c) whether what you have described above in relation to OpenType
capibilities should be utilised. The fact that those capabilities exist is
but one factor in deciding the answer to B and C, and A has to be answered
before B (and C -- though C can also be debated in the general sense)
should even be considered.

- Peter

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